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Linear guides with detent

Michael Hornung | 30. June 2019

Linear guides with detent

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Fast, faster, further and even further. Longer service life, high efficiency and short downtimes are core requirements for linear guides. But not always. There are linear guides that are capable of completely different things: guides that are intended to be difficult to move; guides that stay in position when they are released, irrespective of whether they are horizontal or vertical.

Adjustment of linear guides should also be silent and smooth, i.  e. no rattling and no looseness. The aim is for such adjustment to be always carried out uniformly with a defined force but without any stick-slip effect. The guide – with detent or spring pretension – must remain where it is: whether in the interior for adjustment of seats/headrests , for measuring devices or camera and sensors. Discover the stop-motion series, which has these characteristics and for which you can determine the displacement forces yourself:

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