Is it possible to integrate the D1 into a higher-level control system?

Michael Hornung | 1. July 2019

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Yes, that’s possible. The available communication interfaces make connecting to a higher-level industrial control system such as a PLC or an industrial PC very easy.

But not only that … the D1 works just as well with microcontrollers like an Arduino or single-board computers like the Raspberry Pi. Thus, the D1 is also well prepared for IOT projects.

Here is a small list of control systems with which applications have already been implemented.

Depending on the customer’s requirements, digital inputs/outputs, cycle/direction signals, analogue inputs,

CANopen or Modbus TCP (gateway) were used as communication interface between D1 and higher-level control.


  •                 Siematic Logo!
  •                 Siematic S7-1200
  •                 Siematic S7-1500
  •                 Siematic S7-300
  •                 Siematic S7-400


  •                 softMC301


  •                 CX1020
  • CX5130


  •                 FX3G-40M

Raspberry Pi

  • Version 3
  •                 VersionVersion 2
  •                 Revolution PI


  •                 Uno


  •                 Black

Software for PC-based control systems

  •                 CODESYS
  •                 LabVIEW
  •                 MATLAB
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