It’s all about the sausage! Ball bearings in the meat processing industry

Patrick Czaja | 29. April 2021

The barbecue season starts, the grill is made ready and people flock to the supermarkets to buy barbecue food. And what must not be missing? Exactly. Meat in any form; whether steaks, fillets or sausages of any kind. But what about the meat processing industry and its machines? In the food production sector, the machines have to be very toughbut also easy to clean. To fight germs, the most aggressive cleaners and lots of water are used. Installed machine components, such as ball bearings, can only function in the long term if they can withstand this application environment. Why are our xiros polymer ball bearings ideally suited for use? We will tell you.

In addition to being food grade (FDA/EU 10/2011), resistant to moisture and chemicals, our ball bearings made of high-performance polymers are 100% free of lubricants. This makes cleaning particularly easy. This is in complete contrast to metal ball bearings, which rely on lubricating greases. It is obvious what happens in the cleaning process. The grease in the ball bearing is washed out over time, the bearings corrode and eventually fail. This not only hurts the wallet, but also costs nerves. With our low-maintenance bearing, you save on the cost of lubricant and protect the food from contamination.

Food-compliant support/guide roller systems

But our ball bearings also play a proverbial leading role in the field of food transport. These can be used safely in the food sector and meet the approval requirements if the right guide roller is selected. Our guide rollers also do not require any additional lubrication and therefore do not have to overcome the resistance of a lubricant. This results in the extremely light operation. Here they achieve savings in three ways: with regard to maintenance, weight and price.

We have 7 tips to help you quickly select the optimum support/guide rollers for your system:

Do you need further information about our polymer ball bearings? Please take a look at our Infoworld:

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