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igus as a system supplier

Theo Diehl | 24. April 2020

Mobile energy, control and data supply to equipment requires a very complex system. For the overall system to perform its function, the individual system components must be harmonised.

The e-chain system consists of the e-chain itself, the cable package and the cable strain relief. Depending on the application and customer preferences, other system components can be added, including the following:

  • Pre-assembly of e-chains with cables
  • Connectors for cables
  • Guide troughs to guide e-chains for long distances or through rotary movements
  • Floating moving ends for tolerance compensation between the system’s XY unit and the e-chain
  • Differential system monitoring components
  • There can also be housings to provide protection from ice and snow.

The more components added, the more important it is for individual system segments to be harmonised.

  • The bend radii of cables and chains must be matched
  • Pin assignment must match
  • The moving end must fit on the XY unit
  • The trough fixtures must fit on the system’s substructure
  • The monitoring components must work with the equipment’s control system, etc.

In order to harmonise all these important elements, igus offers a complete service that encompasses both materials delivery and system harmonisation.   

As a system supplier, igus offers the important advantage that only a single order need be initiated during a purchase. This brings the entire system’s delivery responsibility and reliability under control.  

On our website, you will find more examples and solutions for cable guidance and our brochure that can be downloaded free of charge.

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