iglidur filaments for wear-resistant 3D printing in Ultimaker podcast

Maria Burkanova | 30. June 2020

With the Talking Additive Podcast, 3D printer manufacturer Ultimaker offers a stage for innovative providers of 3D printing solutions for the industry. In the current episode, presenter Matt Griffin talks to our colleague and 3D printing specialist Niklas Eutebach about the special features of the self-lubricating iglidur tribofilament and how 3D-printed moving functional parts can be improved by a factor of up to 50 with these materials.

Listen in here: What is behind tribofilament for wear-resistant parts?

The Dutch company Ultimaker manufactures desktop 3D printers and the corresponding 3D printing software and is one of the most well-known companies in the field of 3D printing. A key advantage of the Ultimaker printers is their wide range of materials, which makes them extremely flexible for use in a wide variety of applications.

Material partnership between igus and Ultimaker

In this context Ultimaker has also created the Material Alliance Program: This gives manufacturers of 3D printing filaments the opportunity to offer material profiles of their own products on the Ultimaker Marketplace. Users benefit from this by being able to install suitable print profiles with a single click and thus start immediately with the optimum settings. This results in an enormous time advantage. igus is also present with the wear-resistant filaments iglidur I150, iglidur I180 and soon also with the even more wear-resistant all-rounder iglidur I190.

Local manufacturing as a vision of the future

Ultimaker’s vision focuses on local manufacturing and digital distribution. This means that 3D printing manufacturing should be done directly at the user’s site, using a locally installed printer of course. With the Ultimaker ecosystem, a technical hurdle on the way to the flexible use of 3D printers in various industries and departments is overcome. Models and spare parts could be digitally designed by specialists around the world and produced at local printers directly at the customer’s site, eliminating long shipping times and, last but not least, benefiting the environment

This vision goes hand in hand with the vision of igus – tech up, cost down: To offer the customer the technically best solution at the lowest possible price. And what reduces costs and accelerates product development and maintenance more than locally available functional prototypes, special parts and wear-resistant spare parts?

If you don’t know tribofilament yet or want to see the new products in our portfolio, you can visit our filament shop or browse through our digital trade fair stand – because even a trade fair stand can be brought directly to the customer by digital means.

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