How you benefit from igus’ global service

Volker Beissel | 5. February 2021

Globalisation as a buzzword is a broad term under which everyone imagines something different. At worst, you’re thinking of an Asian hotline for an American company. At best, you think of igus, with 35 branches and 4,150 contacts around the globe, for the best service. No matter where you build your machine or where you deliver it, we are close to you.

What does this mean for a small family business?

You build the best machine tools for a specific application. Then there is probably at least one of your machines in every industrialised country. The buyer is also served in the best possible way via dealers or service partners. But if something does happen, the right spare part must also be on site.  Here we offer you the best service. Your dealer can get in touch with his local igus contact person or you can also get in touch with an igus contact, e.g. in Germany. No matter which way you prefer, the required spare part is usually on site in our warehouse and arrives at your customer’s premises the very next day. And if it is not clear what is needed, our local field service arrives and clarifies straight away what is needed to get the machine up and running again. This service is of course free of charge for you.

And for a company with several locations?

It doesn’t matter whether you plan or produce your machines in Germany, China or somewhere else in the world. There is always the possibility to obtain advice from us on site. But that’s not all, because global article numbers can also be easily represented at igus. You can design your machine in Germany and create an assembly group for the energy supply (readychain). With the created part number, the factory in China, for example, can then also order and receive the same assembly group on site from igus China. This means that with igus you have incorporated local sourcing directly. No matter whether it is a bearing, a metre of cable or an entire assembly group.  

To sum up, this means that we are always there for you on site with local contacts, warehouses and production facilities.

Find your igus contact here:

PS: should the cross-border co-operation not run 100% to your satisfaction, you are welcome to call your branch manager, who will then take care of the co-ordination. The easiest way to find him is on the appropriate industry page.

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