How does selling cables work in the Corona crisis?
And what does all of this mean for staff and customers?

Nils Jäger | 26. November 2020

Much has changed this year. We are in the midst of the Corona crisis. The changes it has caused affect both private and professional life. In this article, we will tell you how to buy cables in the Corona crisis.

How are we doing?

Each of us would certainly answer this question differently, and the answer would depend on many factors and on the individual’s own situation. This question is not intended to elicit publication of corporate data. And, at the moment, the answer is greatly dependent on how the day is going.

Maintaining a work-life balance that is satisfactory to everyone involved was always tricky. At least for most people. During the first lockdown, however, families were presented with entirely new challenges. It took a while to get used to the situation and become familiar with the new conditions.

It is much the same for our company. Business life goes on. It does so differently than it did before, but it does go on.

Parameters have changed here as well. Every day we encounter new limits and accept new challenges. We move with the times and adapt to the current changes. It is a learning process.

What has changed?

People are creatures of habit, and dealing with change is not always easy. As Product Managers we used to travel all over the world to visit customers and colleagues, but now our communication is primarily correspondence and video conferences. The latter means that we have to take note of differences in time zones and adapt our working hours accordingly. Where we would usually have numerous on-site appointments with customers, we have become used to consulting with customers in video calls.

Many people have had to learn to restructure their work to fit a home office. Video conferences have become part of our daily work routine. Even training measures are conducted online now. Who would have believed it at the beginning of the year?

Our customers probably would not have wanted it to be this way, either, because they like discussing their challenges with us. If someone had predicted a year ago that we would switch completely to video consulting, we would have laughed at them. Today we know how it works. We get lots of positive feedback from customers. This shows us that change doesn’t always mean regression. So we will take the positive effects of this time with us into the future.

What problems have arisen?

Of course there are also things that aren’t working perfectly. We especially miss personal contact. We miss face-to-face conversations even as we enjoy the technical capabilities of an online meeting.

In the area of cables, it is especially important to handle products to get a feel for their quality and to assess the material. You can’t do that on video. But we can send our customers samples ahead of time and then examine them together in a video call.

Our job thrives on being on site. From seeing machines and experiencing problems in living colour. We have to understand the technical issues so that we can find good solutions for our customers. We normally experience the framework conditions on site.

Selling cables in the Corona crisis

We currently rely on good communication and our experience. Our goal must be to continue to provide the best possible advice despite the unusual situation. The goal is to use good communication and targeted questions to avoid misunderstandings and grasp concepts, even from a distance. Buying cables works. Even in the Corona crisis.

I believe that this is because there isn’t much the customer is missing. Except for perhaps a handshake. A virtual smile isn’t obscured by a mask.

Do you need samples, product information or individual consultation? Are you still skeptical about how this all works? Feel free to contact us. We would be happy to help you.

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