How are cables that are sold by the metre shipped?

Max Herrmann | 19. May 2020

A question that is often asked after an order is placed: who will actually bring me the goods and in what form or packaging will my cable be delivered to me? We can rule out one thing in advance: carrier pigeons do not deliver cables. For this, we need a forwarding company or a parcel service. But how exactly are cables sold by the metre shipped?

igus offers you three ways of shipping your cables.

Cable bundle

The cable is wound to make a bundle. Everyone is familiar with this from hardware stores or one’s own garage, where the extension cable for hedge shears is wound to make a bundle. We use a machine to do this, of course. Cable bundles are often used where small amounts are involved. They are suitable if the cable is to be installed in one piece in an application. For cable sold by the metre, we put the cable in a box and arrange for a parcel delivery service to take it to the customer. This is not very different to you shopping online and having new articles of clothing delivered directly to your home. The next time the delivery man brings you your cable, you can welcome him with a wide smile, just like in the TV adverts of a well-known online shop for clothing.

Cable drum

The cable drum is one of the most widespread methods of shipping a cable . We wind the cable onto a wooden spool. Most people call this a cable drum. The size of the drum always depends on various factors. These include the length of the cable, the weight and, of course, the outer diameter and the associated bend factor of the respective cable. In this case as well, we use a machine to wind the cable onto the wooden drum. In most cases, the drum is then fastened onto a pallet which a haulage company delivers to the customer. As very long cables can be wound onto drums, it is the method used most. A cable drum is very easy to handle. You can hang it up somewhere in your storage system and then easily unroll the desired length when it is needed.

chainflex® CASE – ship’n store by igus

The chainflex® CASE is a box, which enables a drum to be delivered without a pallet. We can therefore use a parcel delivery service to transport the goods to the customer. The chainflex® CASE is not only for transport; it is also a storage system for cable drums. You can simply unreel the cable directly from the box. As the boxes can be stacked, you can organise your storage location flexibly. Expensive storage systems for cable drums are therefore no long necessary. The QR code on the carton enables easy re-ordering online. The chainflex® CASE is therefore not only a means of transport but also a means of storage.

Conclusion – How is cable sold by the metre shipped?

Here at igus®, we invent and produce products but we are not only a problem solver; we also ensure that your goods are sent to you quickly without complication. Our three methods of shipping chainflex® goods sold by the metre, always enable the simplest means of delivery. We can therefore send you the cable within just a few days.

Do you need harnessed cables or a ready-to-install system? Under readycable®, you can find information on the different shipping methods available.

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