Gears in 3D-printing – View the recording of the igus Live webinar now

Sven Weber | 15. May 2019

You missed the last live webinar on gears in 3d-printing? No problem, we’ll share the recording with you via youtube. But what is the webinar about? Here a short overview for you.

How do I construct a gear? Which process do I use to manufacture it? And which material is best suited for which type of gear application? Tom Krause, Head of additive manufacturing at igus, answers these questions in the recording of his live webinar with the topic “Why print gears instead of machining them”. Tom Krause gives practical tips on how the participants can quickly get to wear-resistant gears. For this he presents the igus gear configurator. This ensures simple configuration of gears in 60 seconds. All the user has to do is enter the data for his gear; such as tooth module, number of teeth, width and inner diameter. Krause also introduces the gear life calculator. This gives the user an exact prediction of the running time of different gear pairs, plastic and metal, in the most diverse applications. In the second part of the webinar, Tom Krause discusses the gear materials and presents a special high-performance plastic: “The SLS material iglidur I6 has been specially developed for worm gears and has already proven its particularly high wear resistance and longevity in the laboratory”.

Okay, enough talking. Let’s watch the video. Enjoy!

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