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Energy supply in cleanroom

pwirth | 18. March 2020

How do I ensure an abrasion-resistant energy supply system in a cleanroom?

Many manufacturing processes, e.g. the production of printed circuit boards on linear systems for high-precision adjustments, take place in cleanrooms and require mandatory regulations according to ISO 14644 or VDI 2083. However, this alone does not guarantee absolutely clean production, as the materials used also play a major role.

Cleanroom certification for components, systems, equipment and environments is carried out by the Fraunhofer Institute, which issues corresponding test marks and test reports and assigns ISO classifications.

Challenges and requirements for working in a cleanroom

Often products for the cleanroom have to be manufactured specifically according to customer requirements, so they have long delivery times and minimum order quantities. This is also the case with energy supply systems. With the e-skin, igus has developed an alternative to corrugated tubes that is suitable for ISO Class 1 cleanrooms and is also available from quantity 1. Under cleanroom products you will find further background information.

PVC data cables, TPE control cables and PU hoses can be guided. An important requirement is that they are also certified according to ISO Class 1 or 2 IPA.

Corrugated tube or energy chain?

This question does not arise here, as the e-skin product series combines both the familiar corrugated tube design of separable upper and lower shells and a defined stop-dog system of the familiar energy supply systems. The polymer used is abrasion-resistant and suitable for use in ISO class 1.

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