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Energy chains for indoor cranes with two trolleys

Jens Göbel | 26. March 2020

The figures clearly shows how it can be done. But what does the whole thing look like in detail? What must be taken into account?

The first design steps are identical. Whether one or two trolley are used on an indoor crane makes no difference for an energy chain. The cable package and the application parameters determine the chain series and the necessary inner width. If the two trolleys’ cable package are not identical, the larger package determines the system width for both trolleys. For a low-maintenance system, energy-chain-compatible cables such as chainflex are a good idea.

As the image shows, both energy chains run in the same guide trough. This keeps the system compact and space-saving. The energy chain also allows the two trolleys to move independently of one another on the crane girder. Since the two trolleys cannot get past each other, the two energy chains don’t get in each other’s way either.

But two trolleys are not always the reason for using two energy chains. Space requirements may make it advantageous to split the cable package for one trolley into two chains.

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