Door guide without oil and grease: why?

Volker Beissel | 5. March 2021

After several years as an industry manager for machine tools, I had the opportunity to see countless milling, turning and grinding machines. Each manufacturer produces a very special machine in its own way. With a lot of heart and soul, they try to get the utmost out of it. Serving as the connection between the switch cabinet and the spindle, our energy chains are an important component for durability. Apart from that, one item is often taken for granted: the door guide.

In order to be able to give the appropriate recommendation for an energy chain or cables, I often have to climb into or onto the machine. I then regularly find myself holding onto the door guide in the interior. Experience shows that this is very often greased, which means that every user who moves around in the workspace regularly greases his hands with thick viscous grease.  

It doesn’t affect the perfect mechanics of the machine, but the impression sticks in the truest sense. This is exactly where our lubrication-free plain bearings can be a clean alternative.   The door guide does not have to be absolutely clearance-free and does not open and close every second. So why not try something new?  In any case, I can do without greasy hands after a look into the machine.

Our modular system for roller guides, for example, is ideally suited:

Otherwise, depending on the requirement, another linear guide system from igus could also be considered. Here is an overview:

Or the whole thing for automatically operated doors with drive:

Here is another nice article on lubricants and plain bearings:

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