Do it yourself! Build your own 3D high temperature printer

Sven Weber | 29. March 2019

“A nice example of our low-cost design concept,” says Tom Krause, head of the additive manufacturing division at igus GmbH, about the high-temperature 3D-printer newly developed and built by his team. A self-built 3D high temperature printer based on drylin W rail guides and dryspin steep-thread spindle made of stainless steel in combination with spindle nuts made of high-temperature resistant iglidur materials.

Low-cost design in the own factory: Based on this idea, the igus team of additive manufacturing has developed and built a high temperature 3D- printer with in-house mechanical engineering components.

Cost-effective 3D high temperature printer assembled with igus components
Cost-effective 3D high temperature printer assembled with igus components

Lubrication-free and low-noise drylin linear systems

The complete linear systems, consisting of drylin W linear guides, dryspin steep threads and igus stepper motors were used from the standard range. With the help of the 3D high temperature printer, the development of new printing materials was supported, so that users can now use the high-performance plastics iglidur J350 and RW370 to make lubricant- and maintenance-free filaments for the production of heat-resistant components.

Download technical design data here

Here you will find directly the suitable components for the 3D high temperature printer! You can download the technical design data* here.

Download design data now*

CAD data for the 3D high temperature printer available for download
CAD data for the 3D high temperature printer available for download

*The models and drawings provided here are an example of the use of various igus components in a high temperature 3D-printer or in a high-temperature application. A legally binding assurance of certain properties or the suitability for a certain application cannot be derived. igus assumes no liability for damages resulting from the application of the models, drawings and products. Accordingly, no support is offered for the construction of this 3D-printer, as igus is not a manufacturer of 3D printers.

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Benedikt Baltes

Hello igus team,

I just wanted to ask whether you can send me the link to the 3d printer kit for all the igus parts as I can't find it with the article number mentioned above.

Another question: do you have an approximate valuation of how much this Project is going to cost only for the needed material and not for the production of the parts or the assembly?

Thank you in advance and best regards,


Tom Krause

Hello @ all,

we have now also a video online of the printer:

Furthermore all igus parts (bearings, nuts and rails) can be bought, the articlenumber for the kit is DLE-S-4811999-190430-KIT


Tom Krause
igus GmbH

Lars Hendrik Jansen

Hey Douglas Veach,

thank you for your interest! Just click the link in the text or on the button or here: and fill in your data. The download link will be sent to your E-Mail-Adress!

If that does not work for you, contact us via!

Greetings from cologne
Lars Hendrik Jansen

Douglas Veach

I own a machine shop and would love to download the design data. However the download function in this article doesn't work. Perhaps it is just overloaded and others, like me, have tried more than once overloading it more. Any chance of it happening?

You are also welcome to comment on the article - we look forward to your opinion!