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Drive technology

Stainless steel linear modules in drive technology

Thomas Urbach | 24. April 2020

Where are stainless steel linear modules used, and what advantages does stainless steel have over other materials such as aluminium?


Ready-to-install system solutions for format adjustments

Jan Michels | 24. April 2020

To maximise flexibility, machines and equipment in the packaging, food and beverage industries must be capable of implementing precise format adjustments. This equipment might be filling or labelling machines for bottles or cans, but can also be entry lanes in material handling. To solve this problem, igus supplies you with machine components made of high-performance […]


Sensor adjustment with plain bearing technology: easy and reproducible

Bastian Mehr | 8. April 2020

If you are looking for a simple linear adjustment for sensors or cameras that are usually secondary, you will find a number of possible solutions. They should be simple, reproducible and cost-effective. What is the right system for me if I want to integrate it without great design effort? What are my requirements? If a […]


Self-locking – what is it?

Zoe Moser | 26. March 2020

If you go into the problem of threads, you often encounter the word “self-locking”. But what does “self-locking” mean exactly in conjunction with lead screw technology? And what are the differences between high helix threads and trapezoidal threads? We have explained it briefly and simply.


Linear axes without lubricant – is that possible?

Thomas Urbach | 26. February 2020

A wide variety of systems are available on the market for linear drive technology. Many of these are usually equipped with recirculating ball bearing systems to enable linear or translatory movements of the linear carriages or for positioning tasks.