Jacket materials

Andreas Muckes | 23. March 2020

Why are there different jacket materials, and what materials are there? What are the differences in materials?


Which Ethernet cable is the right one for me?

Andreas Muckes | 20. March 2020

Finding the right cable for my application: What do I have to pay attention to? This table guarantees that you will find the right Ethernet cable.


Pipetting technology for laboratory equipment (white paper)

Ulf Hottung | 20. March 2020

What solution is technically best at the PoC or in an automated laboratory? Unfortunately, there is no single answer to this question, so we will tackle it by contrasting various concepts that take into account a wide variety of applications involving automated pipetting devices. Let’s take, for instance, a rural community practice in which the […]


Does the stranded wire diameter determine durability?

Andreas Muckes | 19. March 2020

If it were that easy, we at igus could save ourselves a whole lot of research and development. Unfortunately, it’s not. In an article about the class of a stranded wire, I explained how important the wire diameter is in a stranded wire, and that it is inaccurate to simply say that a finer-wired strand […]


CF Profinet

Profinet cables – Why?

Andreas Muckes | 18. March 2020

What is so special about Profinet cables compared to “normal” data cables? Are there differences in the Profinet cables? Read it for yourself!