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Cables for crane applications

Theo Diehl | 3. June 2020

A wide variety of cables are used in modern crane systems. The load due to constant movement is the same for all trolley and crane supply cables.

The e-chains system® has proven to be very durable and reliable in moving applications.  An essential part of this are the cables.

In order to be able to meet the required service life expectations, cables with a special design are required.

RTG equipped with igus® e-chain® and igus® chainflex® cables after more than 10 years of operation

igus® in-house cable development

igus® designs the cable for the suitability in the e-chain® starting from the cable structure, the material for the stranded wire, the jacket material of the stranded wire up to the outer jacket material.

From the first motor and control cables, which were developed by igus® over 30 years ago and included in the delivery range, a cable product range with over 1,000 cable types has been developed to date.

The type of cable that best suits the application is selected from the huge product range. For example, cables that cover a temperature range from -35°C to +100°C are available for outdoor installations, as are cables that are used indoors with minimal space requirements.

Ship unloader with igus e-chains® and igus® chainflex® cables

Product range and guarantee

The product range covers all the options required in crane construction, from data cables and fibre optic cables to 6/10KV single cores.

 The cables also have approvals such as UL/CSA, CTP, EAC, CE, etc.

Through constant testing of the cables in igus’ own test laboratory and over 30 years of experience in cable development, igus® provides a 36-month cable guarantee.

All cables from the igus® cable range are stock items.

Indoor crane with igus e-chain® and chainflex® cables

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