Bicycle washing system trusts polymer ball bearings

Patrick Czaja | 2. March 2021

The temperatures are slowly rising, spring is approaching and the bike is ready. Various bike tours through the country, mountain biking through mountainous terrain or a tour through the cool rain: the bike finally needs a thorough wash. You don’t have to resort to a sponge and hot water here, because the time-saving bicycle washing system from the company cycleWASH provides the remedy.

With this bicycle washing system it is possible to clean the bicycles in no time and without much effort. Here, the bike is simply pushed through the bike washing system and brushes perform the thorough, yet gentle cleaning of the bike. In addition, the cleaning is environmentally friendly by the use of organic soap. Another plus point is the self-contained water circuit, so that the water can be reused via multi-stage filter systems. This saves not only the water but also additional operating costs.

But what are the special features of the bike washing system? When manufacturing the system, components were considered that would function without any deterioration or loss of quality despite the adverse environmental influences. Particularly the bearings of the washing brushes presented cycleWASH with a challenge, because metal ball bearings were out of the question. The reason for this is obvious. They only work with lubricants, so the use of water would wash this out in the long run and bring the bearing to a standstill and also lead to a breakdown.

The search for a bearing that is exposed to the constant influence of dirt and lye finally ended in xiros ball bearings made of polymer. cycleWASH relies on polymer slewing ring ball bearings with stainless steel balls. The special feature of the bearing rings is the wear-resistant ball bearing material. The slewing ring ball bearing is 100% lubrication-free, has low rolling friction and freedom from maintenance. In addition, temperatures of up to 80°C are no obstacle. The bike washing system runs and runs and keeps on operating – with xiros polymer ball bearings.

Polymer ball bearing sample box from igus

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