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Bearing replacement for linear axes with toothed belt drive

Thomas Urbach | 30. September 2020

Does a bearing replacement have to be costly?

The bearing replacement for linear axes with toothed belt drive should not be underestimated. This involves dismantling large parts of the linear module. The toothed belt is detached, the carriage is pushed off the rail and then the bearings can be replaced. After the new bearings and the linear carriage are remounted, the belt tension of the toothed belt must be correctly adjusted using a trummeter according to the catalogue specification.

Bearing change without disassembly

Disassembly, bearing replacement, installation according to installation instructions make bearing replacement extremely time-consuming. So how about changing the bearings with much less effort, without having to disassemble the whole linear module?

That works! With a clever pillow block bearing system in which plain bearing elements can be simply slid out without dismantling the bearing housing.

The clever plain bearing housing

The pillow block WJ200UMA-AL offers exactly that. The bearings can be changed in seconds without disassembly, and the toothed belt does not have to be readjusted. The lateral fixation is loosened, the bearing is pushed out with a small assembly tool or screwdriver. The new bearing is clipped on and pushed into the housing. Put the lid on – done. All 4 bearings of an ZLW toothed belt axis can be completely replaced within 2 minutes.

The video shows how easy it is.

Changing the plain bearing is so easy with the right plain bearing housing.

The advantages of an exchange plain bearing:

  • No disassembly and assembly of the linear axis
  • No loosening and checking the belt tension
  • Quick exchange of the liners
  • Short downtime
  • 100% lubrication-free operation

Exchange bearing in delta robot

The drylin® W exchange bearings are also used as standard in drylin® delta robots. It is precisely here in the complex structure of a delta robot that the advantages of the exchange bearing become all the more apparent.

drylin® delta robots
igus® delta robots


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