Ball bearings in pool technology & jacuzzis: Lubrication-free & chemical-resistant

Patrick Czaja | 29. January 2021

Pools are everyone’s favourite; whether in summer for refreshment or in winter as an oasis of well-being at over 25°C in a whirlpool or jacuzzi. But here, too, there is a lot of technology backing it. The heart of every pool is the pool/water pump. Its purpose is to activate the water circulation in the swimming pool so that filtration with the filter tank is possible in the first place. Furthermore, inlet nozzles, also called inflow nozzles, are considered an important component of pool/jacuzzi technology. Because, these nozzles guide the cleaned pool water back into the pool. The demand placed on the bearing components used in the technology, for example ball bearings, is very high. In terms of corrosion, it is not only the water in the swimming pool that poses enormous challenges for the ball bearings in pool technology, but also the chemicals that are added.

Our xiros ball bearings made of polymers, such as the deep groove ball bearing made of the in-house material xirodur B180, ensure a long-lasting bearing in pool technology. In addition to being 100% lubrication-free, they are also corrosion-free and resistant to various added chemicals, such as chlorine. Customer applications that have already been successfully implemented include a pool vacuum cleaner that works without problems under water. The xiros polymer ball bearing made of xirodur B180 is enclosed between two seals, making relubrication of the bearing difficult. It convinces with its long service life and its high corrosion resistance.

In addition, for rolling pool covers, xiros deep groove ball bearings with profiling are used to slide them. If there is a special application and the component for the cover deviates from the standard, customised special parts are no obstacle. Please feel free to ask us for them. Our experts are on hand to advise on all questions.

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