Ball bearings in ATMs: polymer excels here as well

Patrick Czaja | 25. November 2020


ATMs are among the igus® xiros® ball bearings applications. Our polymer ball bearings fully demonstrate their superiority to metallic ball bearings in these applications. xiros® radial deep groove ball bearings are advantageous because they are not only maintenance-free and lubricant-free, but also eliminate lubrication contamination on banknotes.

Glass balls provide an entirely metal-free variant, so our ball bearings cause no problems when used with magnetic strip readers. The polymer ball bearings are also perfect for unfavourable environmental conditions such as dampness, condensation, and a range of temperatures from hot to cold. They also deliver better performance and capabilities than steel ball bearings in this area of application and also offer exceptional cost reduction. Because the balls do not have to overcome the resistance of the lubricant, the bearings move very easily and can start with a very low breakaway torque.

Another value-added option is in the design of special ball bearings. The freedom of design with polymers, allows the integration of various features, such as:

  • Installation functions
  • Gears
  • Guide rollers with flanks

Moreover, features can usually be integrated into the application without additional cost, reducing installation time and improving product performance.

Ball bearings in ATMs: submit an enquiry for special parts
Ball bearings in ATMs: individual igus® special part enquiry

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