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Ball bearings for high-temperature applications – xirodur® A500

Patrick Czaja | 20. January 2022

With the market launch in 2007, igus achieved a milestone with the in-house material xirodur A500 for plastic ball bearings. This is because ball bearings made of this material have the specification of perfect functioning both at very high temperatures and in applications in chemical environments. Our ball bearings come without a drop of lubricating oil, so this results in several advantages for users. In addition to the fact that lubricants do not contaminate the application environment and cannot be washed out, users save real money and time. Intensive maintenance, especially for metal ball bearings, costs an enormous amount of time and usually requires a lot of money.

But the focus should remain on the main product advantage – namely, application in high temperatures. Our test laboratory is first and foremost in the spotlight. This is how we generate the knowledge that is essential for our new and ongoing developments. With the data obtained from product tests, we are always improving technical parameters of the products, such as service life and temperature resistance.

The following application shows that the high-performance plastic is a specialist in the field of high temperatures. For a mechanical drive unit of a pellet stove, the customer needed an alternative to metal ball bearings because they seized quickly and were too noisy in operation. Plastic ball bearings made of xirodur A500 were the solution, because by dispensing with any kind of grease, nothing could stick inside the shaft. In addition to the lubrication-free specification and the smooth operation, even short-term temperature applications of up to 315°C are possible, and 150°C in the long term.

To the application:

The benefits at a glance:

  • Very good temperature resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Also suitable for vacuum and autoclave applications
  • Special parts made to measure possible

Would you like to know more about the high-temperature material xirodur A500? Click HERE for the material data sheet.

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