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Adriana Glazer | 21. August 2020

Over 70 applications were submitted for this year’s Roibot Award. All applicants have the same goal: to use their application to show how they automate processes with igus components cost-effectively and efficiently.

An independent jury, composed of experts from research, specialist press and manufacturers, have evaluated all submissions. Now, for the first time, the public also has the chance to vote for their personal favourite. At you will find many innovative examples of how Low Cost Automation from igus can be used profitably.

Cost-effective and efficient automation

Low Cost Automation offers you the ideal opportunity to benefit from a wide range of applications and significant cost advantages.

From various robotic modular systems to directly connectable linear robot solutions and intuitive control software. The numerous submissions to this year’s ROIBOT Award show how this can succeed in practice. For the first time, a jury of experts and the public will choose their favourites.

Low Cost Automation in the pharmaceutical industry

The award not only shows how easy and cost-effective the entry into automation can be. The wide range of ideas and applications also prove it: Low Cost Automation is suitable for the most diverse applications. For example, the medication dispensing system for chemists from Qx Robotics Pvt. Ltd. is a popular application. The system can handle medicine strips (Blister type, Alu-Alu type etc.), medicine boxes and so on, and can pay back within one year thanks to Low Cost Automation components.

Automation in a chemist's shop
An XYZ portal system from igus (DLE-FG-0001) was used.

Another special feature is the scalability of the product, as the dimensions of the product can be adapted to customer requirements. “Actually, the prime purpose of the chemist is to advise the customer on medication-oriented aspects. The majority of their time is spent on fetching the medicines.
Our company Qx Robotics Pvt. Ltd. focuses in this sector.”

Would you like to work at a distance?

Here HTBLuVA Salzburg has come up with something extraordinary. A gesture-controlled robot system with gripper enables handling tasks from a distance. To this end, a glove equipped with sensors has been developed to allow user-friendly control by means of gestures.
“There are a large number of individuals who, in the course of practicing their profession or trade, must perform manual tasks that would be hazardous to their health if performed directly. Examples are doctors, during epidemics or pandemics, foresters, bomb disposal personnel and others who handle hazardous substances.” “

Gesture-controlled robot
robolink DCi

A 5-axis robolink DCi was used for the prototype.

Robots in the music industry

How robots can be used in the music industry is demonstrated by feinarbyte GmbH.An automated drum tester allows easy and precise testing and comparison of different drum sets. Why precision is especially important for drums is quite simple:

“A web application in Thomann’s store is designed to allow the customer to compare the sounds of various cymbals. For it to work, a large number of cymbals must be struck with comparable force at defined locations and a recording made of each tone produced.
The number of different cymbals multiplied by the striking positions and the various striking strengths yields a relatively large amount of recording effort. Moreover, even experienced musicians are not always able to strike comparable points accurately and with exactly the same force.” “

Automated drum tester
igus room linear robot

For this application, an igus room linear robot with rotary axis was used.

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At you can expect almost 70 more exciting automation solutions. From Pick & Place solutions for packaging technology to egg-breaking machines and laser lawnmowers. Take a look and vote for your favourite!

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