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Bearing replacement for linear axes with toothed belt drive

Thomas Urbach | 30. September 2020

The bearing replacement for linear axes with belt drive is usually very time-consuming and complex. But it is easier, faster and cost-effective. How to find out here in this blog.


Linearachsen mit Spindelantriebe oder Zahnriemenantrieb

Which linear axis drive is the right one for me?

Thomas Urbach | 15. July 2020

Linear axes and linear modules can be driven differently. Which system is the right one for me – lead screw drive or toothed belt drive?


Stainless steel linear modules in drive technology

Thomas Urbach | 24. April 2020

Where are stainless steel linear modules used, and what advantages does stainless steel have over other materials such as aluminium?


Linear axes without lubricant – is that possible?

Thomas Urbach | 26. February 2020

A wide variety of systems are available on the market for linear drive technology. Many of these are usually equipped with recirculating ball bearing systems to enable linear or translatory movements of the linear carriages or for positioning tasks.