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3D printing with wear-resistant polymers

Niklas Eutebach | 24. April 2020

3D printing is ascendant across industries and materials, not only in product development, but also in industrial manufacturing processes. But if the freedom granted by additive manufacturing is to realise its full potential in the industrial environment, 3D printing materials must perform just as well as their mechanically processed counterparts. igus has dedicated itself to […]


The igus bonding agent – the solution for tribo-filaments

Niklas Eutebach | 3. April 2020

A component won’t stick to the printing plate – a well-known problem Users of filament 3D printers know that a frequent problem in processing filaments is that components do not adhere correctly to the print bed. The result is that component corners raise up, there are ugly deformations, and the component might even come loose […]


Design tips: multi-material parts from the 3D printer

Niklas Eutebach | 30. March 2020

Additive manufacturing and new types of production Most development departments, production lines and workshops can no longer be imagined without additive manufacturing. While in the beginning the technology was mainly used for prototypes and view models, both plant technology and the materials developed more and more; for example, in the field of engineering plastics, the […]


How do I replace my defective gear?

Niklas Eutebach | 26. March 2020

A tooth breaks on a gear, and that’s all it takes to stop the machine. Unfortunately, the documentation has been lost, and the manufacturer does not supply spare parts any more and may even have gone out of business. What now? The gear must be replaced, and there are no clues besides the broken component. […]