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Why do we test so much?
Of standards, standard tests, and our test laboratory for cables

Max Herrmann | 24. November 2021

That is a good and justified question. This is because tests take a great deal of time and money. Isn’t there a standard test that every cable manufacturer has to perform? What information can the standard give us? What advantage do you as a customer gain from our decision to test cables under real conditions […]


What does the data sheet tell us?

Max Herrmann | 21. August 2020

As soon as a cable has been built and put on the market, a data sheet is created. Today’s article shows what the data sheet should contain and where the special features lie. The data sheet Often a data sheet is associated with a very technical document, which at the end of the day does […]


Why fibre optic cables?

Max Herrmann | 9. July 2020

Most of us know the term fibre optic cable also under the name glass fibre cable. This topic is very much present among us because we know it from the media. Almost daily we are literally “connected” with it. Fibre optic cables have been providing fast and good Internet transmission for several years. Not only […]


How are cables that are sold by the metre shipped?

Max Herrmann | 19. May 2020

A question that is often asked after an order is placed: who will actually bring me the goods and in what form or packaging will my cable be delivered to me? We can rule out one thing in advance: carrier pigeons do not deliver cables. For this, we need a forwarding company or a parcel […]


What is a BUS?

Max Herrmann | 7. May 2020

When people think of the term “bus”, most of them immediately think of a school bus or public transport bus. But in our case this has nothing to do with the vehicle. BUS is an abbreviation that stands for “Binary Unit System”. A “Binary Unit System” serves to transfer data between participants in a network. […]