Film and camera systems quickly and easily assembled with autoglide 5!

Dirk Tietz | 23. April 2020

I don’t think there is any industry where plant and installations are assembled and disassembled as quickly as here. Music events, festivals, sporting events, etc. usually only last a few days. This means that there is little time for assembly and disassembly. For automatic camera systems for longer distances, certain rail systems are required. If […]


Quickly available prototypes or samples for your plain bearing application

Dirk Tietz | 22. April 2020

The course of a development project can be turbulent. In time-critical phases, it is all the more important to have reliable partners and suppliers who provide rapid support with solutions and samples for tests. But which prototypes are available at what speed and what is the right sample for a specific project status? We support […]


How to avoid Fogging in the car?

Dirk Tietz | 15. July 2019

What is fogging? Generally speaking, fogging refers to the outgassing of individual material parts that condense in the surroundings of the component. Usually, the fogging effect is associated with heated living spaces. Here, black-dust settlements occur in flats during the heating period. Typical signs of fogging are planar black coating or black dust that sticks […]