Angular sensor

Martin Raak | 1. June 2010

angular sensor Due to the integrated angular sensors, an arm can also be used directly as “teach-in” arm. Read-out angle information can be saved and called up or even directly transformed into movements (see film). Currently the sensor technology is advanced for series production.

Development partner EvoLogics GmbH is a specialist for bionic inventions (the Fin Ray Effect®, among others). The ideas for the actuation of the joints through “sinews” and the entailing decoupling of the moving masses of the drive technology (bionic model: the foot of a crane. Muscles in the bird’s body move the toes of the animal via sinews, the leg is extremely long, thin and therefore light).

Evologics plant: the torso.

Each arm has 7 degrees of freedom, 4 of them in the respective 2 robolink joints. Each arm is driven by 7 DC motors; they are stationary in the “breast area”.
Due to the decoupling of the drives from the moving arms, each arm only weighs a little over 1 kg. Load capacity per arm is also 1 kg with very high dynamics (see film). Result: a load to dead weight ratio of 1:1 becomes possible!

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