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Also an underwater endurance runner: xiros® ball bearings in aquaristics

Patrick Czaja | 26. April 2021

The term aquaristics describes the operation and maintenance of an aquarium. This includes all activities that are carried out both professionally and as a hobby. The basic difference between freshwater and seawater aquaristics is the saltwater content. For example, there are also so-called brackish-water aquariums that contain both freshwater and seawater.

If you decide to maintain a saltwater aquarium, the costs are significantly higher. The reason lies in the technology, as filters,, pumps and lighting have to withstand the much more aggressive environment. For example, you should choose strong lighting that allows algae in saltwater to produce oxygen and important nutrients through photosynthesis. The beneficiaries here are corals, which draw their food from this and ensure a balance in the aquarium. Basically, however, it is important to make the fish’s life in the aquarium as pleasant as possible. Fan coolers and continuous flow coolers are essential to counteract the rising ambient temperature, especially in summer. These are in permanent operation and should therefore be maintenance-free. Filters,, pumps and feeding systems are also technological systems that rely on maintenance-free operation. To achieve this, the installed components within this technological system must be selected correctly. Why do xiros polymer ball bearings play a role here? We’ll tell you.

Why xiros polymer ball bearings are convincing

Our polymer ball bearings not only ensure freedom from maintenance, but are also 100% lubrication-free due to the absence of greases and oils. What does this mean exactly? Since no grease is washed out of our polymer ball bearings during permanent underwater use, they simply continue to operate without any problems. xiros is absolutely corrosion-free,, moisture-resistant,, seawater-resistant and is characterised by its easy operation. The situation is different with metal ball bearings, which corrode and fail quickly under water due to their nature. Failure has a devastating effect on filters, pumps, feeders and coolers and therefore also on the creatures within the aquarium.

Do you want to know more about our ball bearings made of high-performance polymers? Then just take a look at our Infoworld.

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