A virtual trade show
Why it pays to visit the trade show

Nils Jäger | 9. December 2020

In our last article, we reported on our virtual trade show. Why are trade shows so important for our customers? And why does a visit to our virtual trade show pay?

Why a virtual trade show pays

This trade show stand offers our customers the opportunity to become familiar with our latest products – as personally as possible. Customers and interested parties have the opportunity to visit the trade show stand alone or with an expert advisor. Worldwide, in all languages.

Those visiting the stand alone have the advantage of absolute flexibility. The interactive displays provide information as text and videos.

interactive displays

The visitor’s time can be freely allotted, and the visit can be interrupted at any time. And visitors can still arrange personal appointments.

Videos at trade show displays

For a guided trade show visit, a fixed appointment with time limits is arranged. On X day, our employee is physically at the trade show stand and can answer questions in living colour. That’s kind of interesting, isn’t it? Especially since a wide variety of people, from sales to industry managers, will be available.

Virtual trade show tour

During the conversation, our employee not only talks about the trade show, but also personally addresses the customer’s questions and concerns. For the customer, that means individual expert consultancy. The customer can spontaneously bring other participants along to the trade show stand. This meeting can be held from various locations as a sort of conference.

How does arranging an appointment work?

It’s simple. In our trade show overview, find the right trade show – in this case, the igus Virtual Exhibition Cologne – and click the “Arrange appointment” button. Enter your information into the contact form in the next window. We will contact you promptly.

Much like a personal consultation, this appointment is blocked out for you as a customer. Topics of interest can be arranged and samples sent ahead of time. So the haptics in the virtual world are not neglected either.

Stand visit at igus's KMI

This is a convenient alternative for the customer. He can sit back, dispense with protective hygiene measures, and visit the trade show from the comfort of his own home. All of this without pushing through crowds or the stress of a real trade show.

Visitors from Taiwan to KMI

A customer in Taiwan was invited by the salesperson there to visit us virtually at KMI.

The trade show stand at the virtual trade show

The customer came from the machine tool area, so he was interested in both chains and cables. That is why I, as a cable specialist, enlisted the Industry Manager for machine tools, Lukas Czaja, to help me with the appointment.

Sales representatives visited the customer and helped him establish the link to Cologne. The computer screen was projected onto a projection screen in the customer’s conference room. After Lukas had finished talking about the machine-tool-specific chain issues, he handed things over to me, so I could present the latest developments in igus cables.

Live visit from Taiwan to the virtual igus trade show

Since travel costs generally mean that only selected staff are able to attend an on-site trade show, this example clearly shows how valuable a virtual trade show is. Several colleagues from different departments can participate. This allows us to address questions from various business units in a targeted manner. Various problem areas can be discussed and completely different solutions created. Co-operation and personality become the focus of such events. That is just one example of many.


Customer responses and press reports tell us that our virtual trade show has been well-received. More than 18,000 visitors have already been to our in-house trade show. Our experience shows that visiting does pay and has a number of advantages. We look forward to arranging a personal appointment with you. Feel free to contact us.

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