February 2021 – igus Blog

Input channels for predictive maintenance with smart plastics i.Cee

Richard Habering | 26. February 2021

In this article, we want to take a detailed look at the input channels or input options for data in the predictive maintenance system from igus – smart plastics i.Cee.


Save time and costs when commissioning motor controls

Ludmilla Dekker | 26. February 2021

How? igus® offers free sample programmes for motor controls. This ensures faster commissioning of the motor control in its machine environment. No more tedious, hours-long software programming. All sample programmes are ready-to-use, fully functional and quickly integrated. The sample programmes are compatible with: Test the free sample programmes from igus® now and quickly build up […]


Overfilled e-chains and their consequences

Jan Arnoldy | 24. February 2021

I stuff another shirt into my luggage or another piece of wood into the already packed fireplace. “There’s still some space there!” This is also often the motto in everyday life. I often see the same picture with regard to cables in energy chains. Therefore, in this post I would like to educate about overfilled […]


Three areas of application for 3D printing with sensors

igu-blog-adm | 24. February 2021

Additive manufacturing has already proven itself in many areas, as it can be used without tools and using diverse materials for many different applications, making them more cost-effective and flexible. Now a new form of 3D printing is also coming to the fore, where it is possible to integrate different materials in a single printing […]


Exchange bearings from igus – save money and protect the environment

Ingo Urbach | 22. February 2021

Who wouldn’t want to improve their technology in the machine, save money and time and protect the environment at the same time? drylin® exchange bearings are the tool for designers and engineers to achieve exactly that. What are exchange bearings? drylin® exchange bearings are linear housings with exchangeable linear plain bearings. The components we produce […]