February 2016 – igus Blog

robolink D kit sets for up to 4 DOF

Martin Raak | 19. February 2016

4 DOF. As our joints are available in 3 Sizes: -50, -30 and -20, we suggest to possible designs: SMALL version (SV): RL-D-30-102 (base rot.) / RL-D-30-101 / RL-D-20-101 / RL-D-20-101 (3 pivoting joints). BIG version (BV): RL-D-50-102 (base rot.) / RL-D-50-101 / RL-D-30-101 / RL-D-20-101 (3 pivoting joints).   picture small version assembly (gripper […]


reverse play (backlash) for RL-D

Martin Raak | 11. February 2016

our customers often ask about the backlash (or reverse play) for our RL-D joints. It is obvious, that any worm gear is NOT backlash free. The backlash of our lubrication free plastic worm gear (usually combined with an aluminium HC worm shaft) can be influenced by temperature or payload. We have now measured the reverse play for different […]