RL-D 4 DOF standard arm “big”

attached are the download files for our “big” standard version:

Download STEP data 4 DOF BV: rbt-5532-ac (1.27 mb)

Download PDF drawing 4 DOF BV: rl-d-rbt-5532-ac-rl-10444 (234.78 kb)

Download data sheets for 4 joints BV: pdf-rl-d-joints-bv (514.41 kb)

One complete set of building blocks consists of:

4 motorized RL-D joints (here: 2x RL-D-50, 1x RL-D-30 and 1x RL-D-20 with igus stepper motors):
RL-D 4 DOF standard arm.1
base rotation: RL-D-50-102-48 with NEMA23XL

RL-D 4 DOF standard arm.2
first pvoting axis: RL-D-50-101-48 with NEMA23XL

RL-D 4 DOF standard arm.3
first pvoting axis: RL-D-50-101-48 with NEMA23XL

RL-D 4 DOF standard arm.4
3rd pivoting axis: RL-D-20-101 with NEMA17

4 connection sets (basically folded metal sheets with screws:RL-D 4 DOF standard arm.5
“base box” for rotation axis

RL-D 4 DOF standard arm.6
connection between Rotation and first Pivoting Joints

RL-D 4 DOF standard arm.7
connection between first and 2nd pivoting Joints

RL-D 4 DOF standard arm.8
connection between 2nd and 3rd pivoting Joints

set of cables and chains to be attached:RL-D 4 DOF standard arm.9

RL-D 4 DOF standard arm “small”

As shown before we offer 2 different “standard solutions” of possible 4 DOF joint armsRL-D 4 DOF standard arm small (these sizes can be supplied from stock in max. 1 week, different combinations or lengths can last 2-4 weeks).

Today I publish new documents for our “small arm” (2 pcs. RL-D-30 and 2 pcs. RL-D-20) including:

STEP data of the complete arm (with igus® stepper motors), Drawing for the components, current STEP data for the arm.

The complete arm also contains cables and igus® e-chains® for all 4 axis, the motor, encoder and Ini-cables (12 in total) are guided out the base unit by screwings and can directly be connected to your control unit.


Download STEP data 4 DOF:    rl-d-rbt-3322-ac (6.85 mb)

Download PDF drawing 4 DOF  rl-d-rbt-3322-ac-rl-10436 (227.09 kb)

Download data sheets for 4 joints   pdf-rl-d-joints-sv (326.69 kb)

Application video with robolink® D (direct driven joints)

A new “mix tape” with different robolink® D applications:

Attached our current catalogue in English. It contains mostly informations about our wire driven joint arms robolink® W (“wire”).

On page 30-35, you will find more informations about robolink D (“direct”). Our new product robolink® S (strain wave gears) is not yet inside, this is not yet a product!

Download catalogue:  eu_robolink_04_2016_s (3.61 mb)

Videos with 6 DOF demo units (HMI trade show 2016)

The 2 videos show robolink® prototype units with 6 DOF each, using our standard RL-D joints as well as our new RL-S joints (strain wave gears). These units are NOT yet a product. I will explain more about the ideas and technology in later entries.

3x RL-D (axis 1-3) and 3x RL-S (axis 4-6)

4x RL-D (axis 1-3 and 5), 1x RL-S (axis 6) and 1x special solution (axis 4)