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Unsupported length

Hybrid energy chain YE.1

igu-blog-adm | 12. November 2021

Our YE.1 hybrid chain, an energy chain made of plastic and steel, is available in three sizes (YE.42 – inner height 42mm, YE.56 – inner height 56mm, YEHD.108 – inner height 108mm) and is used especially frequently where long unsupported lengths are required. An example: our E4.42 plastic energy chain achieves a maximum unsupported length […]


Successful use of a 10m unsupported plastic chain

Volker Beissel | 2. April 2020

A gliding application frequently looks better than an unsupported energy chain. This is not just because the straight line of the upper run, but also because the sag leading to the chain drop is eliminated. This allows unsupported systems to better use the space at the end of the travel. But at high fill weights […]


Plastic or steel – are you spoilt for choice?

Tim Schneebeck | 27. March 2020

Especially in oil & gas and offshore applications, steel energy chains are often used. But this is not necessary – a look at the advantages of plastic energy chains makes perfect sense. We are on a drilling platform in the North Sea. Rough weather, heavy machinery and a crew that is not squeamish with the […]


Energy chain: steel or plastic?

pwirth | 26. March 2020

For historical reasons, energy chains have so far always been manufactured from steel or plastic. Steel has the advantage of allowing longer unsupported lengths. A plastic energy chain has various advantages, including lower cost and faster installation. There is now a new product: the hybrid steel-plastic chain. The energy chain is built with steel inner […]