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Konfektionierung eines e-Loops

What is the fastest way to replace cables in e-loops?

Tim Schneebeck | 27. April 2020

One great advantage of the e-loop is its modularity. That means that each part of the product can be replaced separately. This is not true of conventional service loops, for example. There are basically two methods of replacing a cable: The e-loop is opened on its outer side by loosening the screws. The old cable […]


What does “heavy duty” mean in the context of e-chains?

Tim Schneebeck | 1. April 2020

If you enter “heavy duty” into a search machine, you will find lots of explanations of the term. But an exact definition is difficult to find. Of course, this is primarily because it is an English term. Explanations can be found in the descriptions of equipment and machines. “Heavy duty” means “able to withstand unusual […]


Plastic or steel – are you spoilt for choice?

Tim Schneebeck | 27. March 2020

Especially in oil & gas and offshore applications, steel energy chains are often used. But this is not necessary – a look at the advantages of plastic energy chains makes perfect sense. We are on a drilling platform in the North Sea. Rough weather, heavy machinery and a crew that is not squeamish with the […]