Linear robots

How to find the best drive for your igusĀ® linear robot

Adriana Glazer | 27. January 2021

Many bosses want their employees to develop a “drive”. We are already a little further ahead and even sell it … because today, in our series on Cartesian robot/linear robot solutions, we are dealing with the question of what influence the drive versions have on the drive forces. First we will look at the different […]


drylin linear robot: introduction to the world of automation

Adriana Glazer | 24. April 2020

In short, linear robots are multi-axis systems that are (usually) constructed to move to Cartesian coordinates. One synonym for linear robot is Cartesian robot. But what do linear robots look like, and why are they seen as the gateway to the world of automation?


What robot types are there, and what robot is the right one for my application?

Adriana Glazer | 6. April 2020

Tasks in processes are often simple, but time-consuming. Automating these tasks saves not only time, but also money. There is a wide range of industrial robots on the market, from linear robots to delta robots to multi-axis joints to SCARA robots. When do I use which robot? What are the differences? Which robot is appropriate for my application? This article provides an overview of the current market-relevant robots.


Intelligent machine tools and linear robots prevent expensive downtime

Lukas Czaja | 1. April 2020

Reliability is top priority in the automotive industry. This is especially true of engine production, which is highly automated. The production system is like a complex gearbox. With countless intermeshed gears. Tool machines are connected via linear robots to create linked production lines. Technologies such as milling, turning, and drilling give the engine block its […]