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Customer application quality check

Martin Raak | 11. May 2018

Our german customer Jäger Software has used a RL-D-RBT-5532S-BC Standard arm (5 DOF, big Version) for a Quality check unit for RFID Chips. The RFID’s are checked and sorted. Mr. Jäger has developped his own control solution (Hardware and Software). For further questions, please contact: jaeger-software@t-online.de Vote Up +1 Vote Down -0You already voted!


Low Cost Automation with igus® components

Martin Raak | 19. April 2018

The Video shows a perfect application for our idea of low-cost-automation made easy with igus® components (here: robolink® Joint plus 2 drylin rails). A winding unit for the production of BLDC motors. The unit is build by Commonplace Robotics, it will be used for the production of motors for our rebel prototypes. Vote Up +1 […]


Educational Application

Martin Raak | 27. March 2018

pprentices from Keller Lufttechnik (german customer) designed this unit with Nanotec controls and robolink Joint arm as their final Project:


Customer Application FH Bielefeld (GER)

Martin Raak | 14. February 2018

A group of bachelor graduates developped an automated 3D game with robolink® (4 axis RL-D-RBT-3322-BC-AE in this case). They used Beckhoff control electronics for the complete unit. For more information please contact Prof. Dr. Thomas Freund: thomas.freund@fh-bielefeld.de Vote Up +0 Vote Down -0You already voted!


Customer application with robolink® with DC motors

Martin Raak | 2. February 2018

Company RoVi Robot Vision uses our small version 5 DOF robolink® arm with DC motors for their Demo of a camera-based sensorless robot arm, more info: http://www.rovi-robotics.de/ https://youtu.be/EeeWOamXSj4 Vote Up +0 Vote Down -0You already voted!