Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 and the energy chain.

Richard Habering | 24. April 2020

How does a 50-year-old energy chain fit into Industry 4.0, the future-oriented project of comprehensively digitalising industrial production? To hold your own in international business competition, it is necessary to be intimately familiar with what your customers want. Technologies Production for individual customers at low prices with short delivery times can often be achieved only […]


At igus, industry 4.0 is combined with manual wear monitoring on linear carriages

Ina Hartmann | 17. April 2020

Is Industry 4.0 always digital? – This is the question you ask yourself when you take a closer look at the new drylin® W-isense linear carriage with LED display. Although igus isense technology in our liner allows connection to an online system for predictive maintenance, we were looking for a solution to make this possible […]


Intelligent machine tools and linear robots prevent expensive downtime

Lukas Czaja | 1. April 2020

Reliability is top priority in the automotive industry. This is especially true of engine production, which is highly automated. The production system is like a complex gearbox. With countless intermeshed gears. Tool machines are connected via linear robots to create linked production lines. Technologies such as milling, turning, and drilling give the engine block its […]