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Robot “Flash” in London Science Museum

Martin Raak | 22. December 2011

Wroclaw University of Technology (Poland) has equipped its robot “Flash” now with the latest version of robolink® arms. Whereas only one arm was mounted in the first version, now both arms are used. The robot was unveiled in this version for the first time at the Robotville Festival in the London Science Museum in early […]


robolink® articulated arm at ECHORD project

Martin Raak | 15. December 2011

Fraunhofer Institute IFF, Magdeburg, takes part with a robolink® articulated arm in the ECHORD project The IFF examines kinematic models with this special construction of a 4-axle articulated arm.The structure with 3 joints in a series, wherein the rotational axes of the two first joints were shut down, is a special design.The drive system is […]


Articulated arm with igus® drive unit

Martin Raak | 2. November 2011

Politecnico di Torino uses a robolink 4-axis arm with drive unit and angle sensors and executes movements with “voice control”. Movement with voice control Vote Up +0 Vote Down -0You already voted!