How do I select the correct control cable?

Stefan Wehrmann | 5. June 2020

In my product training courses for new sales employees, I traditionally impart a lot of theory. This ranges from the fundamentals of electrical engineering to cable production and cable materials. When I explain the different types of cables, their intended use and specifications, I have a very important perspective: the real practice. I teach my […]


Test laboratory for cables
only for research and development? – NO!

Andreas Muckes | 27. May 2020

We have already written about our test laboratory for cables and its importance in a previous article. In addition to testing for research and development, and for safety in new products, our laboratory also offers other possibilities, which we would like to discuss in more detail today. The standard tests Newly manufactured cables are always […]


What is a medium voltage cable?

Sascha Mais | 8. May 2020

Everyone has already heard the term high-voltage cable and knows how to classify it. But what is a medium-voltage cable? Where is it used and what are the special features? Answers to these questions can be found in the following article What is medium-voltage cable? The term medium voltage is used in electrical engineering for […]


What is a BUS?

Max Herrmann | 7. May 2020

When people think of the term “bus”, most of them immediately think of a school bus or public transport bus. But in our case this has nothing to do with the vehicle. BUS is an abbreviation that stands for “Binary Unit System”. A “Binary Unit System” serves to transfer data between participants in a network. […]


Building compact and lightweight machines

Andrej Schmidt | 4. May 2020

The growing diversity of consumption is increasingly presenting vending machine manufacturers with major challenges. How can installation space be saved notwithstanding the growing product range?