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Cables in permafrost

Andreas Muckes | 12. February 2021

The current weather situation is impressive. Temperatures in Germany go below -25 degrees at night. I haven’t experienced that very often. There are beautiful natural spectacles from huge icicles to frozen waterfalls. Besides these beautiful perspectives, however, there are also less beautiful ones. Roads freeze over, rail traffic comes to a standstill. Some machines freeze […]


The 5 funniest phrases and misconceptions about cables

igu-blog-adm | 13. January 2021

Do you think humour and technology have anything to do with each other? Convince yourself that the opposite is true in this blog post. “I think you’ve got your wires crossed” or “You’re slow on the uptake”. Everyone is probably familiar with this or similar expressions.  And, of course, everyone knows that no one has […]


chainflex news at SPS 2020

Nils Jäger | 16. December 2020

Every year around the same time, SPS takes place in Nuremberg. Every year we present our chainflex innovations from the cable sector there. For many of our customers, it is a kind of tradition to visit us at this trade show stand and see our new products. We don’t want to miss that this year […]


A virtual trade show stand – what links the trade show experience to the online world?

Nils Jäger | 2. December 2020

We remain innovative.  Lots has happened at igus since the Corona outbreak. In addition to all the changes required personally from each individual during this time, many internal measures have been implemented to avoid employee infection and keep the business running. Our customers need our products, and we feel it our duty to continue to […]


Stripping cables – who wants to do that?

Andreas Muckes | 19. November 2020

I don’t know any electrician who enjoys stripping cables. Stripping is no fun on a workbench. At a machine, the lack of space and poor lighting often presents us with completely different challenges and also involves a risk of injury. In a control cabinet between terminal blocks and other components, it is just not possible […]