Why do cables have different colours?

Stefan Wehrmann | 7. October 2020

The market is full of countless cables. And they all have different colours. “A colourful bouquet full of safety” so to speak. But why do cables have different colours anyway? The cable structure and different colours We have already reported on the structure in detail here. In view of the different colouring of cables, here […]


Which jacket material for which industry?

Jan Arnoldy | 1. October 2020

We have already explained our different jacket qualities in another article. But, which outer jacket quality do I actually need for a cable in a certain application or industry? I am frequently asked this question and therefore in this article I would like to show some common industry solutions as examples for the outer jacket […]


Tips & tricks on how to solder with high quality

Beke Nieszytka | 30. September 2020

At first sight the process of soldering looks simple, but on closer inspection it is a complicated process that needs to be mastered. The freely manually tin-plated contact is very much dependent on the person carrying out the work as well as on the temperature, the solder used and the size of the components to be connected and is subject to certain fluctuations. Correct soldering must therefore be learned. If you observe a few criteria and with a little practice, soldering is no problem.


Just look, don’t touch! With us it is different

Andreas Muckes | 23. September 2020

Of course this is just a saying. But in fact – especially in the retail trade – this is often the case. You don’t often hear this when you enter a shop. Unless you are out with children. But sellers often radiate this. It’s different when it comes to cables. Who wants to buy a […]


Where are cables used? Chainflex cables in sewage treatment plants

Sascha Mais | 16. September 2020

Recent contributions have dealt with crane systems,, storage and retrieval units and robot applications. Today we will take a look at how and for what purpose chainflex cables are used in sewage treatment plants, because these are also among the areas of application for chainflex. Special requirements for cables in sewage treatment plants Sewage treatment […]