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Kugellager-Alternative xiros aus Kunststoff von igus

Ball bearing alternative made of polymer: igusĀ® convinces

Patrick Czaja | 16. February 2021

Many plant operators know the problem: when installing metal ball bearings, lubrication is essential. This procedure has to be repeated at regular maintenance intervals and that not only swallows up money, but also a lot of time. As a ball bearing alternative, xiros is well suited.


Successful use of a 10m unsupported plastic chain

Volker Beissel | 2. April 2020

A gliding application frequently looks better than an unsupported energy chain. This is not just because the straight line of the upper run, but also because the sag leading to the chain drop is eliminated. This allows unsupported systems to better use the space at the end of the travel. But at high fill weights […]