Output encoder vs. motor encoder plus INI

Martin Raak | 14. February 2018

Our customers can choose between motor encoders / Ini switches and igus output encoders (both incremental angle sensors).

Motor encoder / INI (RL-D-RBT-xxxxx-BC):

+) proven industrial standard, double ended signal transmission (A/A-, B/B-), high resolution (500 signals / motorturn * transmission of the joint)

-) 3 cables per axis (motor, encoder, INI), reverse play of the joint is not noticed, mechanical changes in the joint are not noticed (i.e. temperature, load,..)

Output encoder (RL-D-RBT-xxxxx-BC-AE):

+) cheaper, less cables, easy to replace, we measured better repeatability values for multi axis arms in different use cases (detailed results will be shown in ~6 weeks)

-) not industrially proven, single ended signal transmission (A, B) => danger of signal loss is higher,  EMC not proven

Conclusion: We recommend to use our output encoders for non critical (non industrial) applications, for industrial applications we recommend motor encoders or testing of the output encoder in the given environment.

DOWNLOAD SECTION. New data sheets for output encoders:


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