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Are there plain bearings that comply with ESD or ATEX requirements?

Lars Butenschön | 9. July 2019

Under the definition described within ATEX, iglidur plain bearings are not components to be certified. This means that no corresponding certificate is needed for iglidur plain bearings. However, equipment and systems for ATEX applications do have to be tested, as a result of which ATEX requirements also apply to the plain bearings from a technical […]


Which e-chain is suitable for ESD use?

Phillip Hagedorn | 7. July 2019

There are selected igus® energy chains for use in ESD material . A standard product range can be found here. For more igus e-chain series, just talk to us. Vote Up +0 Vote Down -0You already voted!


What must be borne in mind regarding cables used in the ATEX area?

Marco Thull | 5. July 2019

ATEX groups zones according to the potential for explosion. In principle, it can be said that materials are to be used that are similar to a heavy rubber material. As this cannot always be guaranteed for technical manufacturing reasons , materials such as PUR and TPE can also be used for certain zones. Vote Up +0 […]