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Low Cost Automation

Blockchain, AI and robots – how do they fit together?

Adriana Glazer | 1. June 2021

The combination of artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies can make swarm robotics, i.e. autonomous vehicle fleets but also drone technology, more efficient and safer. The biggest game changers of our time could be the technologies of artificial intelligence, innovations in robotics and public databases such as the blockchain. In this article, we take a closer […]


Should your warehouse invest in robotics in 2021?

Adriana Glazer | 27. May 2021

Investing in automation or robotics to reduce costs and increase production is more in demand than ever in today’s market. Yet many companies face a variety of growing pains when trying to automate business processes. Especially if they are stuck in their habits. In this article, you will learn what challenges you should expect in […]


UV-C robots: the disinfection of the future?

Adriana Glazer | 5. May 2021

Especially now, preventive hygiene measures, or hygiene management, are in the spotlight. Especially in public facilities such as hotels, schools or hospitals, they play an indispensable role. Disinfection robots can provide a remedy here. But how safe is this new technology and is the use of robots worthwhile for public institutions? Time to take a […]


Four good reasons to trust in igusĀ® products for drone-in-a-box systems!

Florian Schiller | 16. April 2021

For some time now, the topic of “autonomous flying drones” has become increasingly important. New companies are being founded all over the world where the technology is being advanced. Two events in particular give the topic a special boost: In January 2021, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved the first fully autonomous commercial drone […]


How can a CNC machine be automated cost-effectively?

Volker Beissel | 15. March 2021

With regard to new machine tools, the digitisation of production is currently a topic of considerable interest. Everything is to become ‘smart’ and the milling machine itself should be responsible for re-ordering blanks. Large production facilities are already moving in this direction. But this solution is often still too expensive or unprofitable, especially for smaller […]