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xiros® slewing ring ball bearings in heating technology

Peter Hughes | 15. July 2021

xiros® slewing ring ball bearings made of polymers have a stable design that is ideally suited to supporting large loads. This makes them suitable for many industrial applications. Bodenbender GmbH was looking for a suitable bearing for the heating cable of a heating cable drum used to cure hose liners. Key properties were smooth operation, […]


Is it ok if the spherical ball rotates inside the spherical bearing housing?

Peter Hughes | 6. November 2020

This is a question we hear a lot when customers ask about igubal® spherical bearings. Customers often wonder if this is acceptable and if it has any effect on their application. I’d love to give here a short answer like “Yes” or “No”. But in fact, it depends on the type of igubal bearing and […]


Which igubal® housing material is most suitable for my application?

Peter Hughes | 26. October 2020

As with all igus® products, the igubal® spherical bearings come in a wide range of materials. Each material is designed to suit specific requirements, whether you require a rod end for high-temperature environments or a flange bearing for food contact. Here we will provide you with an overview of the materials available, and their uses. […]


igubal® special parts: tailor-made spherical bearing solutions

Peter Hughes | 2. October 2020

The igubal® online shop offers a very large selection of spherical bearings and coupling joints for a variety of applications. However, many customers require customised, tailor-made igubal solutions which cannot be found in the online shop and catalogue. We would be happy to assist you in finding your tailor-made solution. It often starts with a […]


igubal Metallgelenkkopf

Metal rod ends from igus, the plastics expert?

Peter Hughes | 18. May 2020

This month, igus® presented many new products in the framework of the virtual igus “KMI” trade show. One of the new igubal® products stands out especially: the new metal rod end. Is this a mistake in the New Products Catalogue? What does this product have to do with motion plastics? Much more than is apparent at first glance.