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CAD Konfigurator Benutzungsanleitung

How do I use the igus 3D printing CAD configurators?

Paul Gomer | 20. September 2020

A CAD configurator has many advantages. It shortens tedious recurring design work and saves time and money with simple use and consistent data quality. Basically, our 3D printing CAD configurators enable a fast implementation of a variant-rich wear-resistant part by determining individually selected and valid product features. Thereby it is very important to configure a […]


iglidur I8-ESD: abrasion-resistant components with ESD specifications

Paul Gomer | 5. May 2020

Every machine contains moving parts that cause friction during operation. In contrast to metal, components made of wear-resistant iglidur polymers do not require additional lubrication (because they contain solid lubricants) – however polymers cannot dissipate the electrostatic discharge caused by friction. In semiconductor and electrical engineering, a static discharge through components can cause permanent damage […]


Designing lead screw nuts for 3D printing

Paul Gomer | 24. April 2020

Die zwei häufigsten Gründe für die Fertigung von Antriebs- und Gewindemuttern mittels 3D-Druck Verfahren sind der Bau von funktionalen Prototypen und die Herstellung von komplexen Sondermuttern. In der Produktentwicklung werden mitunter mehrere Modelle konstruiert und getestet – mit dem Rapid Prototyping Verfahren kann die Herstellung von seriennahen Varianten und Anpassungen sehr schnell erfolgen, was einen […]