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How support trays get the most out of your energy chains

Marco Thull | 28. July 2021

Friction and wear drive costs. They cost German industry up to 1.7% of gross domestic product (GDP), as the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) has calculated. Given a GDP of 3.34 trillion euros in 2020, that is 56.78 billion euros. The phenomenon affects thousands of components that adhere to each other or roll or slide […]


A boost to your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

Marco Thull | 24. November 2020

e-skinĀ® system: increases overall equipment effectiveness and improves yields on manufacturing lines.


Goodbye to space problems: how to guide cables in limited installation spaces

Marco Thull | 1. September 2020

Guide cables and hoses safely in limited installation space without rapid fatigue fractures that lead to expensive downtime: an ultimate discipline! The possibilities offered by compact energy chains and highly flexible cables. Building a house in the country, on a 1,000m2 plot: no problem. It gets trickier in a 200m2 small gap in a big […]


Save costs in purchasing! Goodbye over-engineering!

Marco Thull | 29. July 2020

Buy products with specifications that are not necessary at all: companies lose money this way and increase installation and maintenance costs. How it is possible, especially in Corona times, to remember the motto “Keep it simple” and save costs. Do you know about over-engineering? The term describes products with features that cost time and money, […]


Why a self-sealing grommet does not provide strain relief.

Marco Thull | 18. May 2020

In this article, the self-sealing grommet does not play a role or only a very small one. I came across the (for me, new) term “self-sealing grommet” when I was looking for details about strain relief on the web. To cut matters short: self-sealing grommets are not used for strain relief and are therefore only suitable for […]