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Why do we need the UL Verified certificate?

Jan Arnoldy | 26. November 2021

Many customers have been asking us recently why we are adding another certificate to our product portfolio. We already have a UL certificate. Why another one? Why do we need the UL Verified certificate? What does it say and how does it differ from the existing one? These questions are legitimate and we will discuss […]


Cables in industrial doors

Jan Arnoldy | 17. March 2021

When I started at igus, I was asked time and again. “What exactly do they do?” or “Where are these cables used?” It is not easy to find a suitable answer to these questions. Because our cables are used in so many different ways that it is difficult to explain them in just a few […]


Overfilled e-chains and their consequences

Jan Arnoldy | 24. February 2021

I stuff another shirt into my luggage or another piece of wood into the already packed fireplace. “There’s still some space there!” This is also often the motto in everyday life. I often see the same picture with regard to cables in energy chains. Therefore, in this post I would like to educate about overfilled […]


What is a hybrid cable?

Jan Arnoldy | 3. February 2021

For some time now, we have been able to observe a strong trend towards hybrid cables in the field of servo drives. Due to this development, we are constantly expanding our range of hybrid cables. This is the only way we can fulfil the constantly changing requirements of our customers. But what is a hybrid […]


Which jacket material for which industry?

Jan Arnoldy | 1. October 2020

We have already explained our different jacket qualities in another article. But, which outer jacket quality do I actually need for a cable in a certain application or industry? I am frequently asked this question and therefore in this article I would like to show some common industry solutions as examples for the outer jacket […]