June 2021 – igus Blog

Six advantages of automation for SMEs

Adriana Glazer | 24. June 2021

Although robotics and automation have many advantages for employees, production processes and customers, they are still viewed critically, especially by SMEs. Breaking into automation, especially for those with little affinity for IT, often involves high investment and great effort. But robot manufacturers are increasingly focusing on cost-effective alternatives that are as user-friendly and as easy to program as possible.


Calculating surface speed at bearing points

Lars Butenschön | 24. June 2021

To correctly design plain bearings, you primarily need two fundamental parameters: the sliding speed (v in metres per second) and the load to be carried (p in N/mm²). Together, they give you the pv value, which is an important quantity in the selection of plain bearings. Calculating the load or surface pressure is relatively simple, […]


How the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) has led to the development of smart plastics

Richard Habering | 23. June 2021

Because technologies supported by the Industrial Internet of Things are enjoying greater acceptance in factory environments, even more components with integrated intelligence are being produced. This is leading to the emergence of a new generation of smart plastics capable of constantly monitoring themselves and providing performance data and early warning of critical wear. These smart plastics can be used to increase plant productivity, maximise service life, and reduce costs thanks to condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.


Sustainable production with robotics – the technology of the future?

Adriana Glazer | 18. June 2021

For years, robots have been considered drivers of productivity and efficiency. With the latest technologies and robot types, the degree of automation in the manufacturing industry is continuously increasing. Industrial robot support allows complex, tiresome, and dangerous work to be automated and performed quickly. The tasks range from vacuum cleaning robots to bomb defusers. In […]


Flame-retardant TPE and halogen-free TPE

Katharina Esch | 17. June 2021

There are countless materials in the world. But very few come into question for the cable industry. The most frequently used jacket materials in cable technology are PVC and PUR. But, in addition to these two outer jacket materials, we at igus use TPE (thermoplastic elastomers). However, not all TPEs are created equal. That is […]