August 2020 – igus Blog

Goliath the Printer: this 3D printer is as big as a room

pwirth | 31. August 2020

Everything except the small: students Robina and Chris’ 3D printer has a 2 x 2 x 2 metre installation space. We are enthusiastic about the 3D Goliath – and support the young industrial designers with free equipment. We all know about home 3D printers, compact devices no bigger than a microwave oven that print plastic gadgets […]


What we call “cable” is not always deemed a “cable”. Then, what is the difference?

Nils Jäger | 28. August 2020

Charging cable, USB cable, power cable and cable reel. We have heard all these words before and we use them in everyday life from time to time. In fact these designations are wrong from a technical point of view. Strictly speaking, these are not what is meant by cables.Then what exactly is the difference between these […]


Scara cable solution: From the idea to the product Episode 4

Marius Glaue | 28. August 2020

Crash already during warm-up To stay with the comparison with motor sports, one can say that our suspension broke in the 1st lap. For those who haven’t seen the video from Scara cable solution blog Episode 3, here’s the link (go to the video) The video shows the first test metres, but unfortunately the whole […]


Why complaints are important

Stefan Wehrmann | 26. August 2020

Complaints are not pleasant at first and sometimes throw us off track for a short term. Who likes to hear from a customer that something is not working according to plan. But they are of enormous importance to us. Only through such feedback from our customers can we improve products and adapt more and more […]


Often underestimated and ignored. How industrial noise can be reduced by igus® products

Marius Glaue | 26. August 2020

Around one million people in Europe suffer from industrial noise – not just annoying, but a health hazard. Here you can find out what you can do to at least reduce the noise level of an e-chain. After all, one aspect of igus product development is to make the e-chains quieter.   Alongside cars, airplanes […]